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Rassias packaging provides two types of plastic bread bags.

  • Paper bags with large transparent window
  • Clear plastic bag with microhole polypropylene (BOPP microperforated).

Both kinds of bags are made from virgin raw material.


Bread can be put in the bag as soon as it’s coming hot out of the oven. Βecause of the microperforated material which allows it to “breathe”, its crust remains crunchy!

Transparent bread bags are made from polypropylene (BOPP) in accordance with all requirements set by the EU legislation and the FSA respectively. They are considered as the ideal solution for the packaging of hot bread because they are microperforated with microholes, the number of which is calculated to allow for the best storage. They are certified by E.U. authorities.

Basic dimensions of our active stock, covering all types of bread, are:

Dimensions (mm) Items per box
125 Χ 700 2000
150 Χ 700 2000
150 Χ 360 2000
200 Χ 360 2000
230 Χ 450 2000
250 Χ 560 2000
300 Χ 400 2000
350 Χ 400 2000
400 Χ 450 2000

Advantages of this bread packaging:

  1. Rapidly packaged bread.
  2. Bread can be packaged hot (no waiting time to cool down).
  3. Bread moisture escapes through the holes keeping crust crunchy for 24 hours.
  4. The aesthetics of bread on the shelf is much better than naked bread because of 100% transparency of the bag, and by its apparent protection.
  5. Customers avoid direct contact with the bread and insects (flies etc.) are kept away.
  6. All health regulations set by the European Union are kept.
  7. These bags are used on most Super Market chains in Europe and Greece.
  8. Their cost is lower than of any other packaging type.
  9. The bag material is virgin (non-regenerated) polypropylene BOPP and the number of holes is ideal for bread: 160 holes per cm2.

We also provide white paper bags with large transparent window, suitable for bread sticks, croissants, candies etc, of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 kilo content.